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Q-What is required to hold your date?  

A: A deposit of 30% of your cost is required and it is non-refundable. 

Is there any other events on our day?

 No it is an exclusive 14 hour rental just for your family and friends.

How long do we get to use your facilities?

11:00 AM to 12:00 AM guest need to vacate 12:00am-1:00am is time aloted for vendor cleanup  -

What does the rental fee include? 

See the amenities sheet 

Is there a setup, break down or cleaning fee?  

No, these are all included in the cost.

What is provided at your ceremony sites? 

Each site has a deck with electrical outlets to provide for your DJ’s use to provide sound for your ceremony. 

Is there a charge for a room flip?  

Yes, but it is complimentary if due to weather.

Are pets allowed at your facilities?

 Pets are not allowed in the building but can be leashed outside and included in your ceremony. 

Does your venue have overnight accommodations? 

No, but there are nearby hotels and many wonderful AirBB options.  You can ask your venue manager for a full list of recommended hotels via email or when you tour the venue. 

What is included in the rental price of the venue?

 See the amenities information sheet.

What types of tables are available?  

We have wood tables and round tables.  Our wood tables are 8 X 36,  6 X 36, 4 X 36 and plastic round 60” (which will need linens)

What size should the table linens be?

 Our round tables are 60 “ and our wood tables do not require linens. 

Do you provide tables, chairs, and linens for your reception halls?  

We provde wood-top custom tables and black metal chairs as well as 60” round tables which would require linens but we do not provide linens.

Who sets up and breaks down the tables and chairs inside and the chairs at the ceremony site?  

Park 31 will coordinate with your wedding planner and you to choose your table layouts. Our staff will set up and breakdown the furniture the evening before.  Your venue manager will ask for your final sign off on the table layout and everything is set up for you when you arrive. 

If our guest changes the day of our event will the venue get out needed chairs and tables?

 If additional tables and chairs are needed, the venue manager on staff will provide you access to additional tables and chairs and assist in your setting up.  However, your help will be required to do so. 

What decor restrictions exist indoors?   

Our contract list what is restricted for decorating.  Avoid unprotected candles.  Real flames are allowed as long as they are incased in glass. No paper confetti, colored flower petals, glitter for tossing outdoors or upon departure. Candles must be used in a glass container. The top of the glass must go above the top of the flame. Nails, screws, staples, duct tape or any other permanent marking tools cannot be used to attach décor.The use of glitter, glue, hay, confetti and rice are strictly prohibited.

What kitchen amenities are available?  

Park 31 provides a prep catering kitchen with a refrigerator, freezer, large commercial sinks, warming ovens, and ice maker. 

Can we use our own caterers?  

Park 31 will provide you with an array of caterers to choose from our required list.  

What are the rules for alcohol?  

You are allowed to purchase your own alcohol, however any and all alcohol that is served to your guest must be served by an approved TABC bartender, including champagne toasts.  All approved bartending companies will be provided to you via email or on your tour fo the venue.  Your bartenders will provide the liquor liability required for your event. No alcohol is permitted to be self-served at guest tables or anywhere on property where an approved TABC bartender is not serving alcohol.  No underage person may consume alcohol on site. 

What is the day of rental time policy? 

Your 14 hour rental is for your event day only.  The day begins at 11:00 AM and ends at 1:00 AM  All serving of alcohol must stop 30 minutes prior to scheduled send off.  All music must be off at either 11:00 or 11:30 depending on weekends or weekdays.  All guest must be off of property by 12 Midnight.  All items and everyone must be off property by 1:00AM. 

Who is in charge of cleanup?  

As part of your venue rental you will not be responsible for the cleaning of the building. You will however, be responsible to make sure all suites are cleaned up and trash is collected in the provided trash bag.  The vendors will be required to agree to the vendor agreement which specifies their specific cleaning responsibilities.  All tables must be cleared of all items, whether personal or rental.  All decor must be removed from property by rental end time from both inside and outdoors.

Are there any extra costs or hidden fees? 

 No!  All cost will be explained to you on your tour or via email.  The price is inclusive of the numerous amenities that are offered. No tax or gratuity will be charged.  

May we take bridal and/or engagement pictures on property? 

Absolutely! We would be honored if you choose to take use of Park 31 as your site for engagement or bridal portraits.  Please schedule your shoot on a Monday through Thursday with hours provided by the venue manager. In order to respect other possible events, please verify at a week in advance that the venue is still available for a photo shoot in case an event has been booked at the last minute.  You will be allowed to be on site for 3 hours for your photo shoot.

What is your policy on site visits?  

We ask that all site visits be approved and scheduled.  We want you to visit and love to have you come by, however, we need to schedule around our events and prior appointments. 

Is there staff on site the day of?  

Yes.  There will be a venue manager on site for the length of your rental time. 

When would rehearsal be? 

 Rehearsal are scheduled only during your 14 hour rental.